Experience the Way of the Inner Elixir

develop health, longevity and immortality...

    Tao Alchemy is a special practice of Esoteric Taoist Doctrine - we often term this practice as "Inner Alchemy" - which includes physical, mental and spiritual practices which will prolong life, build vital health, and lay the foundation for Immortality.


Inner Alchemy practice uses the human body much like a cauldron in which the Three Treasures of Essence, Energy and Spirit are developed, cultivated and refined - bringing harmony to the body, mind and emotions - laying the foundation to develop the balanced Energy of the Golden Mean and returning one to the Primordial Unity of Nature. 




Hello my friends, I am so happy to share this very special course on the practice of Tao Alchemy.  Taoist Alchemy is often termed, "Inner Alchemy" - as the practice is a system of developing the 'Inner Energy", or "Elixir" - which promotes transformation on all levels of one's being - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

This is the first time I have given an organised and systemic course on this very special practice.  I hope you can take this opportunity, and come experience this very rare and special method of Energetic and Spiritual Development from the Taoist Tradition. WithLove and Light, Jesse

        I came upon the teachings and practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy through a chance meeting with a Taoist Master in China. After many repeated requests from myself by letter, asking to receive the teachings, the Master agreed to instruct me in the secrets of Inner Alchemy and the Way of Mystical Taoism.  I had to travel to the far North East of China, to a very remote and out of the way Taoist Mountain range - alone and relying on my faith and sincerity .


I spent 25 days of constant practice under the watchful eye of the Master, and went through the sytematic stages of transformation and energy development.  After this initial training and initiation, I spent a further 9 years in relationship and study under the Master.  


The Way of Inner Alchemy is truly wonderful, and  is a complete system of practice,

guiding one to the path the Ancient Taoists and Immortals have  followed since antiquity...



What is an Alchemist…?



Alchemists are people who transform common substances into something more valuable, such as converting lead which is a common metal, into gold - which is valuable and precious.  


Taoist Inner Alchemy is concerned with transforming the substance of the Inner Energy of the human being, into a refined, pure and precious Quality of Energy - something which is True, Spiritual and Bright. This transformed energy, gathered to the Dantian is often termed the 'Elixir'.   This transformation of the Inner Energy and Development of the Elixir, will give one health, healing, a long life, develop Inner Wisdom, Clarity, and bring one closer to Nature and the Great Tao.




In this very special course offering,

we will guide the member through a special and systematic program, exactly as it was taught to me in the remote Mountains of China - consisting of a formal and traditional program, plus the accompanying theory and philosophy.


Members of this very special course will learn the Inner Alchemy practice and methods of:


* the 8 Longevity Exercises

* 3 unique forms of Taoist Mudra training - to develop the Golden Mean Energy.

* Dantian Center Development

* Development of Inner Energy and the Inner Elixir.

* Cultivation and Way of the Golden Mean 


The Tao Alchemy course training will be offered to only three members in the public class at One cloud Studio, and we will also accept 3 members to undergo the training privately - one to one.  



This is a very special chance, and we look forward to sharing this rare practice with you.


Please contact us for details on this very special opportunity, and course training.

The Golden Mean 

The practice of Inner Alchemy will literally rejuvenate and bring one back to a harmony with nature and the Tao. 


How is this done..?  


The Taoists uncovered the Unified Energetic Pattern of the Universe - and this Energy Pattern which Unites all things was termed the Golden Mean. It is the Unified Energy Field, which is in a state of Supreme Balance  - embracing the Universe, Nature and all things.  


When we are able to Return to this State of the Golden Mean within ourselves - gaining a balanced state of Inner Energy - we may heal, rejuvenate and renew ourselves - literally Returning to a more Youthful and Vibrant condition.  


This is done through a special approach and training method we will guide you in during the Tao Alchemy Course.  


An important part of this process is the Mudra Training forms - in this training, you will learn about the different states of Energy Density, and Energy Polarity, and how to bring your Inner Energy back to the balanced State of the Golden Mean - returning to enduring Harmony...





In our time together during our practice of the Way of Inner Alchemy, we will learn the theory and hidden meaning of many Taoist Symbols - and their relationship to the Practice of Inner Alchemy and the Art of the Inner Elixir.  The use of Symbols and understanding the hidden meaning contained within the diagrams is a very important part of learning Inner Alchemy, and will help to unlock the "code" contained within these esoteric Taoist symbols and diagrams.

Is Longevity and Tao Alchemy real....?

      Is Longevity and Tao Alchemy real....?

The  photo to the left is of the Taoist Master Li Ching-Yuen at his students home, Army General Yang Sen – at the age of 250 years…  

Master Li was a devout Taoist, Martial Artist and Herbalist who lived from 1677 to 1933 - reaching 256 years of age...!

Master Li gained a profound Longevity through his practice of the Taoist Arts of Life Enhancement – such as Taoist Yoga, Breath Training and Inner Alchemy Meditation.

Legend states that when old Master Li was 130 years old, he encountered an older Taoist Master who was living as a hermit - who was over 500 years old - deep in the mountains this Elder Hermit taught him special Breathing Exercises, a longevity diet of rare herbs, and a unique form of Inner Alchemy training.

In 1930, the New York Times newspaper printed an article in which they published official Chinese government documents that were uncovered. These documents, dating back to 1827, contained official congratulations on Li Ching-Yuen's 150th birthday. Later documents, dating back to 1877, contained official congratulations on his 200th birthday.

200 years old....! How did he do that?

When asked about his Longevity, Li Ching-Yuen replied --

"My long life is due to the fact that I performed the Taoist Life Enhancement Exercises and Inner Alchemy every day – regularly, correctly, and with sincerity – for over 120 years...!"

Did you like Master Li's story...?  Pretty amazing right....?    

We hope you may join this special course training, and learn the practices and way of Taoist Inner Alchemy - and you may begin to follow the same path and practice as Master Li followed in his amazing life - gaining greater health, healing and longevity…

Tao Alchemy - in this exciting course, we will cover these three areas of learning:

*8 Longevity*

   Learn 8 Unique Taoist Longevity Exercises which will improve health, longevity and develop inner energy.

* Taoist Mudra*

Learn 3 unique sets of Taoist Mudra training which will guide one to develop the Golden Mean Energy.  


* Taoist Symbols*

Learn the secret diagrams from the Inner Alchemy Tradition - and discover the hidden code contained within.



 The Tao Alchemy Program will be offered in 3 sessions at our studio in Kamakura as a private individual course training - please contact us with any questions or to register for this amazing experience.  Come take part in this unique offering to experience the Way of Inner Alchemy, and begin the steps of life transformation today.   Please contact us for details on course price and current availability....